No pic? Didn’t happen.


Your company’s event is very important, but the documentation of your event is KEY. Document the event, make it look even more glamorous and fun.

Think of this as a movie trailer for your company’s party. If people like the video, they’ll be sure to check out your next event.

Adidas has done it, why haven’t you?


5 Articles that can help create an effective Social media Strategy

These are links to great articles that I found to help out with your social media endeavors. I picked these because they were on well respected blogs, and had high credentials and approval ratings.

5 Ways to have fun on a boring night


1.Get out of the house! – Most of your boredom stems from sitting inside all day. Get out, a breath of fresh air will do you good!

2. Try Something New – Don’t deny it until you try it! (Unless it’s illegal) What’s the worst that could happen?
3. Drink. – Nothing can bring a few friends together like a case of beer. Let the laughter ensue!
4. Throwback! – When’s the last time you and your friends played a board game? It’s still fun!
5. Talk to Strangers – Whether if it’s a pretty lady, or a friendly looking face, you don’t know somebody until you get to know somebody.