No pic? Didn’t happen.


Your company’s event is very important, but the documentation of your event is KEY. Document the event, make it look even more glamorous and fun.

Think of this as a movie trailer for your company’s party. If people like the video, they’ll be sure to check out your next event.

Adidas has done it, why haven’t you?


Is your business legit, or full of it?


Is your business legit, or full of it?

Many companies never take the time to evaluate themselves, and then fall into a groupthink mentality. Stop, re-establish your goals, and follow through. Holding a briefcase doesn’t make you successful, hard work does.

5 Articles that can help create an effective Social media Strategy

These are links to great articles that I found to help out with your social media endeavors. I picked these because they were on well respected blogs, and had high credentials and approval ratings.

5 Ways to have fun on a boring night


1.Get out of the house! – Most of your boredom stems from sitting inside all day. Get out, a breath of fresh air will do you good!

2. Try Something New – Don’t deny it until you try it! (Unless it’s illegal) What’s the worst that could happen?
3. Drink. – Nothing can bring a few friends together like a case of beer. Let the laughter ensue!
4. Throwback! – When’s the last time you and your friends played a board game? It’s still fun!
5. Talk to Strangers – Whether if it’s a pretty lady, or a friendly looking face, you don’t know somebody until you get to know somebody.