How user reviews can put the underdogs on top!



The thing that is so important about a user review is the concept of “Word of Mouth”. Back in the day people had to ask each other what they thought about certain goods or services, and sort of get a personal review to help you make your own informed decision. NOW, you can type in the name of what you are curious about, and you can find review after review.

How is this important? Relatively unknown businesses can gain LOTS of exposure through these reviews, AND the more reviews you have available, the more likely you are to reach an easy decision. So help a small business out, write them a review!


To Yelp, or not to Yelp…


Using location based check-in apps like yelp or foursquare seem like a simple way to bring attention to your business. But most people are either 100% committed to these apps, or 100% against it. These blogs will voice both sides of the story for you.

5 Business Youtube channels that you should know about


Each channel brings something different to the table, but they are all good sources. Some being collaborations between businesses, some are small business based, and some are corporate, giving you the entire spectrum of business tips!

5 blogs on Pinterest Business tips


Pinterest is a good way to share content and gain more traffic. These blogs are very reputable and know what they are talking about.


No pic? Didn’t happen.


Your company’s event is very important, but the documentation of your event is KEY. Document the event, make it look even more glamorous and fun.

Think of this as a movie trailer for your company’s party. If people like the video, they’ll be sure to check out your next event.

Adidas has done it, why haven’t you?